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of the 2023
Toronto Fringe Festival

The horse no one believed in.

The show you'll never forget.

Nominated for 9 BroadwayWorld Awards

Best Musical
Best New Play or Musical
Best Ensemble
Best Director of a Musical - Stacey Tookey
Best Choreographer of a Musical - Stacey Tookey
Best Performance in a Musical - Keanu Uchida
Best Performance in a Musical - Sterling Jarvis
Best Supporting Performance in a Musical - Sam Rosenthal
Best Musical Direction - Mark Camilleri

WINNER!!! Best Choreographer Of A Musical - STACEY TOOKEY!!!

Sold Out Run

2023 Toronto Fringe

Critics Pick

2023 Toronto Fringe


Book and Lyrics by Jim Betts
Music by Marek Norman

Dancer (A Musical In Ten Furlongs) is the story of Northern Dancer, the “horse nobody wanted” – the too-small, too-ungainly, too-willful thoroughbred who overcame doubt, injury and history to become the first Canadian-bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby, in 1964. And he won it in record time! The Dancer then went on to become the most successful sire in thoroughbred racing history.

WINNER of the 2023 Adams Prize for Musical Theatre

Check Out The Article on Dancer
in the 2023 Fall Edition of the
Official Churchill Downs Magazine


4 Different Versions Of
Northern Dancer's
1964 Kentucky Derby Race



Jim Betts

Book & Lyrics

Stacey Tookey

Director/ Choreographer

Mark Camilleri

Musical Director

JB Nelles

Set & Costume Design

Alia Stephen

Lighting Design

Wayne Deering

Sound Design


Sterling Jarvis

Bill Brevard

Daniel Kash

E.P. Taylor

Barbara Barsky

Winnie Taylor

Sam Rosenthal


He Calls The Races

Gene Gabriel

Horatio Luro

The Grand Señor

Kiairah Hammond

Dance Company

Anna Marchisello

Dance Captain/ Dance Company

Amanda Cleghorn

Dance Company

Artem Tikhonenko

Dance Company

Moses Rankine

Dance Company

Keiran Bohay

Dance Company

Mia DiLena

Dance Company

Shelby Patterson

Dance Company

Madison Foley

Dance Company

Jude Richardson

Dance Company

Jackson Lee

Dance Company

Louise Camilleri

The Hoofbeats

Emily Masurkevitch

The Hoofbeats

Laura Larson

The Hoofbeats

Mark Cassius

The Hoofbeats

Jonathan Cullen

The Hoofbeats

Lucas Popowich

Hoofbeat/ Swing



Jim Betts

Executive Producer

Kate Barris

Executive Producer

Paul Shaw

Production Manager

Briane Nasimok


Larry Copeland

Stage Manager

Sam Rosenthal


Tom Diamond

Director Mentor

Anna Marchisello

Associate Director/Choreographer

Sam & Joe Rosenthal


Faye Rauw

Rehearsal Host

Muriel Lennox

Consultant/ Northern Dancer Biographer

Josh Alcantara


Northern Dancer

The Horse Himself

This Production Would Not Have Been Possible Without

The Generous Support Of Nona Macdonald Heaslip

and her fellow Stakeholders

Jefferson & Sally Mappin

Adrian Merchant Macdonald

Ted Barris & Jayne MacAulay

Alan Gotlib & Michael Piper

Jan Armstrong

Briane Nasimok

Katherine Siminovitch

Dean Turner

Special Thanks To

This show is dedicated to Joe Rosenthal. He was one of Dancer's biggest fans, partly because his talented son Sam plays a pivotal role in the show, but also because he loved the horses, and he believed this show had tremendous potential. Just like Northern Dancer. Sadly Joe didn't make it long enough to see Dancer break through the starting gate. But Joe will always be along for the ride.

Donald & Gretchen Ross

Marlene Smith

Pat & Tony Adams

The Luminato Festival

Sheila Croft

Matt Brooks

John McKellar

Susan Harbin

Paula Arciniega

And to all our GoFundMe Donors

Reneé Addison
T C Armstong
Brittany Banks
Sarah Baptist
Dorcas Beaton
Geri Berholz
Elyse Levine
Rita Betro
Jane Bosley
Ellen Cameron
Elly Daniels
Jackie Davis

Tom Diamond
Nancy Early
Sofia Eydelman
Joan Ferguson
Peter Fishback
Karen Fricker
Jane Gardner
Robert Gontier &
Ned Loach
Lezlie Harper
Lynn Harvey
Carolyn Heath
Shelley Hoffman

Steven Jones
William Kane
Daniel Kinrys
Terri Klein
Cindy Law
Daniel Lyon
Dayl Marks
Marina Munro
Nicky Phillips
Margaret Powell
Diane & Jerry
Kim Racioppa

Cathy & Jim Reid
Norman Reynolds
Karen Rieger
Mag Ruffman
Avery Saltzman
Rick Spence
Talin Vartanian
Laura Walton &
Clive VanderBurgh
Jennifer Ward
Cassandra Wiesner
Scott White
Gregory Wilson

The HIT of the 2023 Toronto Fringe Festival